Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quilting or Piecing?

   I want to learn to quilt... this comment is heard and used by many once they realize you are a quilter, but it is often misused. I myself wanted to learn to quilt..and learn I did, but I didn't realize until years later there is a difference between quilting and piecing.
   Quilting is the act of stitching together the, batting, backing. Hand or machine stitches secure the 'sandwich' giving it strength and stability by use of basic design or elaborate motifs. Quilting can be effective in random designs completely unrelated to the fabric or piecing, however, some quilters prefer artistic motifs to enhance the design and decor of the quilt. Being a rather traditional quilter, my designs are generally echo or simple so as not to detract from the piecing of the top..although one of my daughters is testing the waters in art quilt designs and pushing me beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone.
   Piecing is the act of cutting the fabric and stitching it together to create a top or back for a quilt. Fabrics and layouts of every style imaginable..appliques and trapundo. I learned piecing after learning to quilt, which seems backward to many people. Piecing, to me is a beautiful way to 'paint with fabric' and push the creative limits of textile and thread. I love piecing, but do tend toward more rustic styles..old quilt patterns from days gone by brought back to life with calico and cotton. Yet again, the artist in the family is pressing me forward as we branch into painted designs and artistic applique.
   When someone approaches me with a desire to quilt, I always try to clarify whether it is piecing or quilting they are looking for. Often the answer is both and that's fine... I encourage people to learn both, though many feel they can piece but have no patience for the quilting part (my Jenn is like that).
    As we ponder this realization this week, let me prepare you. Next Monday we will be looking at putting the quilt sandwich together while exploring a few different ways to baste a quilt. All this is in preparation for starting a foundational hand quilting design- the cross hatch. If you would be interested in quilting along with us you will need a top and back fabric- any fabric you choose, with any design- and a piece of batting the same size, and a large hoop. My fabric is cotton blend and my batting is warm and natural cut in 15" square.  Needle, thread and thimbles with a good pair of scissors.
   Snuggle into a comfy chair, sip some warm tea and let's go make something beautiful.

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  1. Thank you Michele for linking up with this beautiful post. Such great talent in one person and it shows the love and care that you put into each creation!


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