Sunday, April 28, 2013

When a Quilt Stumps You

   We've been looking at quilt design and the various options often found in our quilting, but sometimes even with all the tools and templates available to us we get stumped. Try as we may no design seems to naturally pop out when we look at the top. Quilter's block is a frustrating thing that often leads to shelves of unfinished work..and I hate trying to return to unfinished work, especially if it has me stumped.
    One way I deal with a quilt stump...exposure. The kitchen wall, draped over the bed or couch or hung in the quilting room..that quilt is in my face off and on throughout the day. Exposing the quilt in various light at various angles as I pass it gives me time to mull around and dream..ponder the existing textures and lines. Sometimes catching the quilt off hand from the corner of my eye sparks the realization of just what that quilt needs.

     Let's look at an example. The Dresden quilt top pictured above has been off and on my design wall for over a year. My creative energy zapped, I would shove it in a drawer until I felt the pang of guilt over it and pulled it out again.Outlining the Dresden will enhance the existing elements, but there is a lot of blank space- pink blank space. Feathers and medallions seem a bit too wavy and loopy, and a stipple is too much circular motion. Cross hatch may give some balance to the roundness of the Dresden..but there is so much pink. See my dilemma?
    Quilting is as diverse as the women who quilt. If five ladies pieced the same design, each quilt would be different is some way..and the quilting would be just as different. The point is, there is no wrong design. When you make a quilt, it is a part of design you choose can be wrong for the quilt you make. That's one of the many beauties of the wonderful world of fabric! So don't be stumped.

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