Sunday, August 25, 2013

Setting the Machine

     While it is true that I am primarily a hand quilter, machine quilting does cross my workstation from time to time. Early in my quilting days there was absolutely no place for machine work- I was quite biased in my stance against it. These days, modern convenience and consumer request have made it necessary to learn the skill.
      The first thing I learned early on it that any machine can be used for quilting any size project and I have quilted all kinds of sizes. True- smaller projects are easier, however, larger ones are just as successful. Let's look at a few items I have come to love in machine quilting and set up the home machine before we work.

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  1. I again have learned a few things. I have never thought of changing my foot to improve but you have given me that idea. The supreme slider is next on my quilting needs! Thanks Michele for all of the tips.


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