Monday, March 10, 2014

Walking in the Park

Michele Scaife's photo.

   When my babies were born, our first outings were usually walks. Long walks in the park calmed many a fussy baby and frazzled mother- we loved them so much, they were weekly events. Even when they started to grow, those walks remained.
   Staring at the fabric chosen for this baby quilt, a vision slowly came together. As a mom, my babies and I walked in the park; as a grandma, my grandbabies and I can walk in the park as well. Why not?

     Thus the idea grew. Lush green patches of branch and flower dot the landscape of a simple baby quilt. Puzzled pathways weave here and there offering a place to travel or a corner to stop and gaze. In the background and border, wild flowers dot the earth welcoming bees to buzz and butterflies to flutter. To accentuate the motif, quilting boarders the seems keeping the eye on the paths and plots.
   This weekend found me in a crazed quilting frenzy attempting to complete a baby quilt before the shower started. It came right down to the wire, but everything came together in the end! Handing it over to our mommy-to-be, I hand over the hopes of happy memories snuggled beneath a comfy quilt and long, lovely afternoons walking in the park.


  1. What a nice gift. Spring is a great time to go for a walk with grandma.

  2. Michele what a beautiful post with memories and quilts. Happy times.

  3. That quilt is absolutely beautiful. Such a stunning use of color. great job.

  4. I just finished watching your hand quilting video on you tube and am fascinated by the thimble you use. Could you tell me where I might purchase one like it. My email is. I read a lot of your blogs and enjoyed the pics. You are a busy woman.


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