Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moving Toward a New Project

    Well, we've hand stitched a sampler and discussed the various elements of working quilting into the spaces of our quilts. It's time to move forward. I learned quilting before I learned piecing. My early whole cloth quilts were the canvas my quilt stitches were honed on, but the quilting journey didn't end there..and neither will ours.
    The next few weeks will find us in set up mode. I will share pictures of some of my sewing spaces as it has changed over the past few years. We don't need an elaborate studio or even an entire room to piece or quilt, however, we do need some key elements and a little planning.
    From there our journey will take us to piecing a simple quilt top using color and creativity. Hopefully you will join me for a Fence Rail picnic quilt from either a colorful jelly roll fabric pack or some pieces you choose yourself.
     When our quilt top comes together our online classroom will find us exploring quilt finishing as we baste, quilt and bind our way to completion. One class will show simple machine quilting and another will work a hand quilt design. The finishing touches are nearly finished as I complete the sample and work an outline.
       I hope you will join me in the classroom gaining confidence as we walk step by step together through an entire quilt..readily available for questions and online assistance. We'll share each others' progress and encourage one another on the way. I'm so excited! See you next week!

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