Sunday, June 2, 2013

Small Space Set Up

    Those early days of quilt piecing often found me without any real space. The machine sat where ever a little corner could be carved out for a machine, a pressing surface, and a chair. When my children were babies the little quilting corner found it's way into their playroom where stitches were done as they sat at my feet. They grew into students bringing my quilt corner into their home school classroom..and then the main living space.
    When we set up our sewing space it can be large or small depending upon availability and comfort. The picture at the top shows a very early sewing area basically consisting of a machine and a chair. The little table was sturdy and just the right height for my reach.
     The next picture shows a little bigger set up that moved with me from the playroom, to the classroom, and even the living room for a time. Set down in an old sewing cabinet, the machine was flush with the surface giving me more space to work. A TV tray became a small pressing area..and fit nicely under the table for quick storage. On the floor, unseen in the picture, is a trash bin and a sewing box.
      Now we have looked at the set up, let's take a little look at the elements. First we have a little tray to catch our clips as we pull them out..I tend to tuck a small pair of scissors in it as well. A pincushion would be here if I were sewing clothes, but I don't pin my quilt pieces...I use old metal hair clips.
    On the corner of the table area sits a 'crumb catcher'..just a bowl where scraps of fabric land. Beside it is a tool cup equip with larger scissors, seam ripper, tweezers, and a few pencils in case I need to mark something
    Next to me on the TV tray sits a little mat for pressing and cutting. I can' tell you how important and nice this is to have for setting seams and quick trims.
    Tucked between the legs of the TV tray is an old sewing box where my machine accessories, manual, and extra needles/bobbins are stored. Before I had the sewing box, this was simply a cardboard how I've grown. Either way, the tray and box slip neatly under the table when not in use. Let me note..the larger cutting mat is tucked against the wall behind the sewing table to be pulled out as needed.

     Today we have seen a few of my early sewing set ups..little cubby holes were simple piecing was put together. In my current sewing room, this set up remains as a second piecing station for teaching or my own stitching when my main machine is in use. Next week we will take a look at the larger sewing area I have been working on these days..including my cutting corner.
     If you have questions or tips to share..please feel free to leave them in the comment box or email me at Let's set up a cozy place to stitch something beautiful!


  1. You have about inspired me to pull out my machine and box of scraps and start a project. Only problem is I am not sure how. :)

  2. Hello, I came across your blog and plan to follow to see what's next.

  3. Hi Jen and Sandra...welcome. Next week we will look at the larger sewing area set up before starting a very simple quilt along using a basic jelly roll or some fabric strips. Hope to see you here again!

  4. Have you talked about how you use the hair clips? I am intrigued! Angela

    1. In an old post I shared that I use the hair clips instead of straight pins on my quilting projects.


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