Monday, June 24, 2013

Come Piece with Me: Intro

       When I began my quilting journey, my projects were whole cloth and hand quilted. Once I reached a comfortable place with those skills my journey into piecing started. It's a whole different world with different areas and dimensions to travel through. Over the years I have stayed rather simple; keeping to the traditionals much more than the moderns; it's my style and I'm okay with it.

        I talk to so many ladies who long yearned to piece a quilt and see it to completion, but found frustration and disappointment in their path. It breaks my heart. That is why I started teaching quilting and why the "Come Piece with Me" series came to be. Let's tackle quilting once skill, one project at a time; moving forward when we find confidence and completing instead of quitting.

        Meet the 'Sunny Summer Picnic'; a simple quilt with plenty of personality. All we need is a jelly roll, our cleaned and set up sewing machines, and a little time each week to pull this project together. Simple straight lines will join us as we stretch toward cutting, squaring, and piecing large blocks. Random patterns help us relax a bit by masking any imperfections.

         While piecing completes the top of the quilt, we will journey forward with basting and on to quilting both by hand and by machine. Nothing fancy needed; we can quilt in a hoop or on our home sewing machine using a quick 'in the ditch' pattern. Before you know it, we will have it basted and ready for use.

           Join me next week with a jelly roll in your colors of choice. My has 20 strips each measuring 2 1/2" by 42" and making a 36" by 36" quilt top. Gather your fabric and come piece with me.



  1. I'll be there. Sounds like fun.

  2. I need to do this. I have so much fabric and this looks like relaxing fun!


  3. I am ready! I have always wanted to do an Americana small quilt- I have my fabric! Angela

  4. A big welcome to each of you! Can't wait to get started!


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