Sunday, June 30, 2013

Unrolling the Roll

    It's that time. Time to get up close and personal with some fabric. It is a well known fact that anyone can tell when a new quilt top is about to come together when you walk into my house and fabric is draped here, there, and everywhere. I like to take time and get to know my fabrics before piecing them into a quilt. Let's take a moment to lay out some fabric together.

     This week the layout comes together for us. Let's make sure we are happy with the color progression and the way the motifs fit together. Next week we are stitching the strips and cutting the blocks! See you then:)


  1. Great tutorial Michele! I'm enjoying and as always learning something new from you and your wonderful quilting know-how! Thanks for sharing. This is fun!

  2. Do the strips need to be 42" or 45" long??

  3. Jen, thank you for catching that. In general, fabric comes 45" wide, yet, the strips in my Jelly Roll do measure 42". If your fabric is 45", you will have a bit more extra when we cut them into blocks, which is fine..they can be used in other projects or as part of the back fabric.


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